The production of washers is mainly intended for the electromechanical, industrial, automotive, automotive, household appliance, audio and video, watches, agriculture sectors. For blanking or turning, depending on the diameters, it represents one of the Betelli branded products which, thanks to the experience of 60 years of activity in the sector, is guaranteed in terms of quality and offered at competitive prices.

Whatever the material, the most requested type is that of flat washers, whose dimensions may vary according to the needs of the customers and the intended use. Available in many variants, they appear as a product that is decidedly adaptable to heterogeneous contexts.

The washers can be classified in different ways and it is therefore possible to find thin flat washers or oversized flat washers and even special flat washers.

The company offers a wide selection of bronze or brass washers, as well as iron or aluminum washers, and also copper washers (and among these it offers its particular Bonded washers), whose fluid tightness is optimal in many sectors, especially in the presence of very high pressures.


Our spacers for industry are absolutely state-of-the-art products, made with innovative and resistant materials that are fully in line with not only qualitative standards (of the company) but also regulatory ones (respecting the current law on the subject).

The industrial spacers offered by Betelli are available at very affordable prices and at the same time ensure excellent performance, adapting to different productions and industrial sectors.

Request a free quote for our bespoke industry spacers. We at the Betelli company ensure not only a product with optimal technical characteristics, but also competent, attentive and experienced staff, who will be ready to advise you on the best solution for your needs.

We just need you to specify the diameter, length, profile, type and thread length of the industrial spacers you need, we’ll take care of the rest.

Industrial Washers and Spacers : Betellis Proposals

If you are looking for a company active in the production of washers and industrial spacers, both in the Milan area and for supplies at a national level, rely on Betelli: a few steps from Milan, you will find experts attentive to respond to your every request.

Our proposals in terms of industrial washers and spacers, depending on the materials used:

  1. Plastic washers and industrial spacers (transparent or colored, of many different materials eg washers in Teflon® PTFE, in more or less rigid polyamide, in rigid pvc, etc.)
  2. Industrial washers and spacers in compact rubber
  3. Washers and Industrial Spacers in Expanded Rubber
  4. Washers and Industrial Spacers in Metal (flat washers in copper or bronze, flat washers in brass or aluminum, flat washers in iron and our special Bonded washers)
  5. High temperatures
  6. Industrial Corks and Fabrics Washers and Spacers