Water Cutting

Water cutting is an industrial process among the most important innovations on the market in the sector in recent years. The cutting technology uses, in fact, a very high pressure water jet that solves the problems related, in this sense, to many materials (in particular the more rigid and compact ones).

The cutting of water-based sheets, therefore, offers the possibility of cutting even more complex shapes accurately and quickly, with a water pressure of up to 7,000 bar.

Betelli, provides water cutting processes in the Milan area (specifically in Lacchiarella, in the province of Milan). As a technologically innovative company and with a view to always offering the best service and quality products, it is equipped with 2 CNC machines (computerized numerical control) with water jet capable of obtaining finished gaskets to design.

This water-based sheet metal cutting system is quite similar to the die-cutting process. The substantial difference, however, is represented by the possibility of cutting higher thicknesses without the need for additional equipment costs, improving speed and overall quality, thus optimizing and minimizing both time and costs.