Half-Cut Die-Cutting

With half-cut die-cutting it is possible to produce continuous die-cuts on roll, ready for subsequent automated processing. Important for a precise and effective half-cut die-cutting is the adjustment of the depth of action of the blades.

Betelli is also attentive to this step and this is the reason why it is able to guarantee a production of industrial gaskets and a production of technical items, washers and spacers of excellent structure, as well as highly performing materials, at always attractive prices.

With half-cut die-cutting it is in fact possible to supply industrial production lines with an advanced semi-finished product, which our company supports in the selection of the material. Betelli disposes of 8 CNC die-cutting machines (with computerized numerical control) with cutting-edge dies of the latest generation.

Contact our experts for any information and to choose industrial gaskets or other technical items suitable for your business. Thanks to the half-cut die-cutting system, at the end of the operations we will be able to offer our best flat gaskets in expanded or compact rubber, or other plastic materials of various sizes, even on the customer’s own design.