BETELLI has been a leading company since 1960 in the production of technical items, industrial gaskets, washers, spacers and o-rings.

We are able to satisfy any product need, starting from plastica, semi-rigid and expanded materials, such as : nylon 6; nylon 6.6; polyethylene; pic; rubber; mousse; silicone; viton etc.

These materials are in turn processed with different techniques: blanking, turning, tube cutting, half-cutting, water cutting, stamping, punching, and various other processes.

Over the years we have developed cutting-edge technology that allows us to have competitive prices both for large quantities and for small and medium series.


Founded in 1960 by Mr. Francesco Betelli, the company started the business by hiring 4 employees and producing industrial gaskets on an artisanal level.

Year after year the company grew in size and number of employees. The initial range of products was extended to washers, technical items, customized items and spacers. At the same time, in order to access new sectors of application, a diversification of the materials used was initiated, starting to use rubber, foam, plastic and ferrous materials.

In 1990 the company developed further and in the following years the continuous increase in work led to the expansion of the workforce which became about fifteen employees, with a covered area of ​​2000 square meters on an area of ​​5000 square meters.

In order to further diversify the offer and be able to enter new markets requiring wide ranges of accessories in the processing, these last were integrated and was introduced water cutting, punching, milling, lathing, half-cutting processes on double-sided adhesive, the shear iron and the compression and injection molding (with evolution of processing techniques and professional skills of employees).

In recent years the company has continued to renew and expand its equipment, investing in new machinery (plastic and thermoplastic injection molding machines) that have placed it at the forefront of plastic and rubber processing, reaching a coverage of 3500 sqm.