The turning process is one of the operations at an industrial level that implies a production (of industrial gaskets, washers, spacers or even production of technical items, in the case of the Betelli company) obtainable by removing the shavings, therefore the processing residue. itself. This process involves a rotary motion of the piece and, at the same time, a usually straight motion of the cutting tool used for its definition.
The machine tool used for this process is called a lathe.

The Betelli company has a continuously growing series of 3/5 axis CNC lathes (with computerized numerical control), with bar passages from 10mm up to 180mm, able to provide our customers – on specific request – with any type of product.

We foresee a turning for large diameters (therefore a turning that refers to large dimensions) and not only: we are also specialized in plate turning processes for metalworking, so as to deform them and adapt them to the specific requests.
Based on the surface to be obtained, it is possible to proceed with a conical or cylindrical turning, but also a flat turning, up to shape turning.

Thanks to this process, Betelli guarantees a production of industrial gaskets and a production of very varied technical items, qualitatively efficient and functional to the needs of its customers, as well as washers in copper, bronze, iron, brass and aluminum, and offers also different types of differentials.