PTFE Teflon® O-Ring

PTFE is self-lubricating, dielectric, non-stick, resistant to solvents and aging. Fluorinated material widely used for its excellent chemical, electrical and thermal properties; the friction coefficient is very low, the use for technical details is limited to low mechanical resistance and wear.
Low coefficient of friction, excellent chemical inertness, excellent thermal resistance at both low and high temperatures.
Operating temperature -80°C + 260°C. Resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays.


Excellent chemical applications for its very high resistance to alkali acids and solvents. Physiologically inert, it is approved for all uses in contact with food. Excellent dielectric and self-extinguishing characteristics.


The O-Ring seals consist of a toroidal core (O-Ring) in fluorinated elastomer (Viton) or silicone, encapsulated by a thin uniform and seamless Teflon-FEP or Teflon-PFA sheath which gives the gasket an elastic reaction indispensable for optimal fluid tightness, in a wide range of operating temperatures (from –60°C to + 205°C). It is a gasket that combines the excellence of Teflon with the elastic properties of Viton or Silicone. Unlike elastomers, Teflon-FEP or PFA is poorly permeable to gasses and effectively protects the elastic core. It has a low absorption of acids, bases and solvents. The sheath has a low coefficient of friction, is anti-adhesive and is not subject to sticking.

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