The creation of profiles for industrial rubber gaskets (both compact and expanded), specifically, represents one of the main proposals of Betelli to its customers, always guaranteeing excellent quality standards, high competence and highly competitive prices.

From edged metal gaskets (also in minerals such as graphite or Asbestos Free) to spiral wound gaskets, of varying sizes depending on the intended use.

Metal-plastic gaskets of all shapes (usually oval, square or rectangular) and o-ring gaskets, also of different sizes, soft and therefore easily deformable.

Particularly the gaskets for high temperatures, used in industries such as those of the chemical and petrochemical sector, in refineries and many related areas.



“Special” industrial gaskets, the o-rings can have different sizes, which can be consulted from the appropriate “O-Ring Table” (where you can evaluate the different sizes of the o-rings that can be produced, standard or on request).

Betelli produces o-rings, sealing gaskets in expanded or compact rubber (for example o-rings in red, transparent, white or black silicone, based on requests), or alternatively offers a specific type: o-rings in PTFE Teflon®.

The company also undertakes to offer consultancy – both generic and more specific – for the use and application of o-rings (in Milan and throughout the national territory) for multiple uses: in fact, it has different categories of product, classified on the basis of the materials used for their realization.



The company is also active in the production of industrial technical items in rubber or plastic, but also metal items, which can be used in various processes, such as milling, shearing and punching, for example.

The Betelli company, a leading company in the sector relating to these productions since 1960, stands out for the quality of the materials and finished products offered to customers, in addition to the precision of the different processes for their production.

Creation, also based on the customer’s design, of customized industrial technical items and, based on the needs, analysis and design of the best solutions and applications.

Standard processing and special processing appropriate for different items.

Production of technical items for all types of industry, in various formats and materials, also for the electronic sector: in rubber, polyethylene, PVC or metals.

Among our processes, screws and nuts are in great demand, technical items made in two variants, in terms of materials, such as plastic and metal.


Gaskets, O-Rings and industrial technical items: Betelli’s proposals

For your gaskets and o-rings in Milan (and for the supply throughout the national territory), in addition to the production of various industrial technical items, rely on Betelli: the company, just outside the city, has a wide range of products selected, perfect for every need.


Our proposals for the production of gaskets and industrial technical items:

  1. Gaskets and Industrial Items in Compact Rubber
  2. Gaskets and Industrial Items in Expanded Rubber
  3. Gaskets and Industrial Plastic Items
  4. Gaskets and Metal Plastic and Metal Industrial Items (including Spiral Wound Gaskets, Bordered Industrial Gaskets and Ring Joints)
  5. Gaskets and Industrial Items in Insulating Cartons for high temperatures
  6. Gaskets and Industrial Articles in Corks and Fabrics


Our o-ring proposals in Milan and throughout the national territory:

  1. Compact Rubber O-Ring (NBR – EPDM – NEOPRENE – VITON® – SILICONE)
  2. O-Ring in Expanded Rubber (SILICONE – NEOPRENE – EPDM)
  3. O-Ring in PTFE Teflon®
  4. V-Ring