It can therefore be said that insulating cardboard for high temperatures is a universally useful material, well adaptable also for its realization in many variations, designed precisely to meet heterogeneous situations characterized by a more or less high heat.

Some examples of use:

  • for general uses with medium compressibility (up to 150° temperature);
  • as a dielectric insulator for high temperatures, electric motors, transformers and similar (up to 220°);
  • motorsport uses (up to 250°);
  • uses at high temperatures with steam (up to 360°);
  • several demanding uses at high temperatures (up to 400°);
  • for extremely heavy duty (up to 450°).

Nomex ® Polyester

Synthetic polyamide polymer with good thermal stability and characteristics of stiffness, dielectric, mechanical resistance and chemical compatibility. The product has stable cryogenic temperatures, is insensitive to moisture and is resistant to radiation and flame. It is mainly used as a dielectric insulator for high temperatures, electric motors, transformers etc. Temperature 220 ° C – V0 UL 94 approval     Read More...

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Joints Asbestos-free

ECO Light green color. Economical material for general applications at moderate temperatures and pressures in the presence of water, oils, air, gas, etc. The high softness and flexibility make it easily workable. Also available graphite and with steel mesh and graphite reinforcement. KTW approved for drinking water. Maximum temperature 210°C, GTX Black color. Motorsport uses. Specific material for engine gaskets (crankcases, cups, covers, oil and water pumps, gearboxes, etc.) to other industrial or nautical applications (reducers, gear boxes, flanges, etc.) in Read More...

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Anthracite color. Roll material made with mineral fibers and NBR elastomer with high density, homogeneity and low compressibility/plasticity and conformability. It is particularly suitable in the motor industry (covers, crankcases, flanges, pumps, intake manifolds) and as a filler for metal-plastic gaskets where a material with excellent dimensional stability is required. Maximum temperature 250°C. Read More...

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Generic uses with medium compressibility. Beige color. Roll material made with cellulosic fibers and elastomeric binder NBR and SBR with “controlled swelling”. It is a high quality product that ensures maximum sealing of the contact surfaces, even irregular ones. It is particularly suitable for gaskets in the motor industry (intake manifolds, water and oil pumps, crankcase). Specific production (min.10 tons). Maximum temperature 150°C. Read More...

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Flexoid – Guarnital

Universal uses. Beige color. Cellulosic fibers impregnated with plasticized gelatins. Thanks to its favorable cost-performance ratio, it is chosen by major engine manufacturers at the first assembly. It is ideal for crankcase seals, carburetors, petrol pumps, oil pumps, closing covers, thermostats and cooling water pumps, transmission groups, gearboxes, steering boxes, differentials. Maximum temperature 120°C Read More...

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BAKELITE (Phenolic Resin)

  Commonly used in the railway and naval sectors for its appreciated technical characteristics. It is also used for objects that require a particular visual impact typical of the product, for example in the production of handles and grips for tools. Density 1.40 g/cm3 Thermal conductivity 0.2 W/m *k Maximum working temperature 120° Read More...

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Lateroid – Presspan (Polyester)

Gray / green color in CLASS A. Dielectric material manufactured with very pure fibrous raw materials selected from particularly valuable qualities of cellulose. It presents a high dielectric strength, excellent mechanical characteristics, high tensile and tear strength, thermal resistance and dimensional stability such as to make it particularly suitable for applications as an insulator, good dimensional stability, compatibility with impregnation paints and mineral oils. Used in the electrical industry in general, in particular in the manufacture of low voltage motors and Read More...

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Vulcanized Fiber – Pressed cardboard

The “Red Fiber and Gray Fiber” are particularly rigid cardboards, obtained by mixing various types of cellulose with dyes, adhesives, retentives and coupled in the wet state through strong mechanical pressure. Thanks to the quality of the fibers and the mechanical characteristics, they are particularly suitable for blanking, bending and stamping. Suitable for making gaskets and/or spacers in the generic industry. Read More...

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Mylar ® – Polyester

Color : transparent. MYLAR® polyester film is a flexible, exceptionally strong and durable transparent film, with an extraordinary set of properties that make it suitable for many industrial uses: in particular in the electromechanical industry. It offers great resistance to traction, tears and impacts. It is inert to water and resists steam; it is inert and impermeable to oils, fats and volatile aromatic compounds. Excellent electrical insulator used in membrane switches, cables and conductors of medium and high power electric motors with high Read More...

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