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Industrial Gaskets

BETELLI S.R.L has been a leading company in the production of industrial gaskets, washers, spacers and o-rings since 1960.

Italian production, synonymous with quality, tradition and innovation, in the realization of industrial technical items with plastic materials, semi-rigid and expanded materials.

Discover the best industrial gaskets, washers – including o-rings – for various types of applications and sectors and the latest generation spacers.

Ask for a free quotation without obligation, we create and design customized technical items, according to quality standards and norms.

Transparent plexiglass barrier.

The much versatile transparent plexiglass barriers are an effective and long-lasting protection element. An even more useful solution in this period of Coronavirus emergency.

Industrial Gaskets

Industrial Gaskets


The foams are particularly suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation and are also characterized by excellent physical properties in the static and dynamic range, adjustable softness, elasticity, thermal deformability, shock absorption and low vapor and water permeability, resistance to atmospheric agents, and non-polluting.